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Archive for March, 2012

Already April

Friday, March 30th, 2012

Time is moving so fast.  A day, week and even a month is passing too fast for me. I need time to build myself up.


Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

I’ve never realized the fact that (1) Church’s Korea has a sale, (2) also the company has “G” fit shoes. The text message from Church’s Korea today (which advertise her sale) leads me into 강남신세계, and also make me get an unexpected purchase. What a beautiful my “G-fit-7.5-size-Church’s -Diplomat” – “곱다”.

For iPad

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

always wonder how to stand my iPad without the “stupid” wallet-style-case. I found this one & am trying it.


Gym log

Monday, March 12th, 2012

“It’s getting warmer so I could not cover my belly with my coat any more. Furthermore I really want to wear my bespoke suits – which I ordered when I was 78kg – again”.

2012/03/07[Wed] : decide to run in my company’s gym from 6 to 7:30pm, I think it’s an ideal time for many reason because (1) I could not wake up in the early morning (2) in general I just spent the time with just web-surfing. It was the first running since the last running(2011.12). hard…too hard even though I well know the hardness of the first training in a long time. also felt uncomfortable in my abdomen whenever I step on the treadmill. but feel really good when I drenched with sweat in the end. 10minute warm-up–40minutes running at 7km/h–5minutes cool-down—88/26

2012/03/08[Tur]: our team got a sudden get-together. thought  my team manager might test my strong will for training—not checked

2012/03/09[Fri]: went home & to bed early because of the hangover—not checked

2012/03/10[Sat]: skip—not checked

2012/03/11[Sun]: 10 minutes warm up–40 minutes running at 7km/h–5 minutes cool down—88/26

2012/03/12[Mon]: not funny, a little bit hard. 10 minutes warm up–35 minutes running at 7.5km/h–5minutes cool down–not checked

2012/03/13[Tue]: 5minutes warm up–35minutes running at 7.5km/h–5minutes cool down—87.8/25.6

2012/03/14[Wed]: drank too much with Jang Phillpe—not checked

2012/03/15[Tur]: recovery not from running, but from the hangover—not checked

2012/03/16[Fri]: business dinner—not checked

2012/03/17[Sat]: skip—88/26

2012/03/18[Sun]: skip—not checked

2012/03/19[Mon]: very good feeling, ran at 8~8.5km/h. muscles reacted very fastly & recovery was also very easy. so cool—not checked

2012/03/20[Tue]: business dinner—not checked

2012/03/21[Wed]: business dinner—not checked

2012/03/22[Tur]: conference call—not checked

2012/03/23[Fri]: GWP(offical “get-together”) which means drank too much—not checked

2012/03/24[Sat]: skip—88/26

2012/03/25[Sun]: skip—88/26

2012/03/26[Mon]: 5m warm up–35m running at 8km/h–5m cool down—not checked

2012/03/27[Tue]: 5m warm up–30m running at 8km/h–5m cool down—88/26

2012/03/28[Wed]: busy with work—not checked

2012/03/29[Tur]: Got a drink with Jean Phillipe—not checked

2012/03/30[Fri]: business dinner—88/26