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Training log

2012/08/01(Wed) : Start running with new shoes. 7.3Km tempo running. try to find the “rhythm” and also try to find the “right step” for newton. was hard as the first would be always. drenched with sweat in a long time. good feeling in the summer night. as always summer is much better to start running than any other season.

- New course : from my office to sunbawee station along the Yangjaechun, about 7.3Km in total.

2012/08/02(Tur) : 23(go)/23min(back), got also very good feeling. movement was much more natural, although sometimes felt something pulling me down.  was also very hot night but high temperature is much better to move my stiff muscle than cold one. I am gonna increase the distance or re-set my polar watch to 25(go)/25min(back) from tomorrow.

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